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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Moments to Remember: Trimming the Tree

I have a rather large collection of hand-blown glass ornaments.
I love them. I collect them. My husband and best friend give them to me every Christmas.
I would love to put them on the tree, but I do have young boys and they are so delicate that some have actually shattered on their own, due to their age.

The only one we put on the tree every year is our pickle (and I have had to replace it two or three times.)

As much as I love a tree with those delicate ornaments, I love even more watching my children's joy as the decorate the tree. It is full of "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments, homemade ornaments, plastic balls, strands of popcorn and cranberries strung by their own hands and paper chains.
And every year for the past couple of decades I think it is the most beautiful tree in the world.

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  1. I love the traditions you have created for your family! Thank you for sharing.
    Discovering Montessori

  2. It looks like a beautiful tree. I bet your collection is very pretty. We put all non breakables up this year too. I remember before kids and wanting the tree to be just so. Now it has all their ornaments and handmade ones and I like it even better.

  3. What a lovely tree! And you're so right - I let my girls decorate (and undecorate) the tree after putting it up today, and their pleasure in doing so far outweighs my need for order.... we've only got a teeny plastic one up this year as we're not home for the whole holiday, but it is still beautiful, if somewhat bottom-heavy ornament-wise!

    Perhaps you could decorate a branch with your delicate decorations and place it somewhere it would be safe but visible? Have a lovely Christmas!

  4. Gorgeous tree. I too have relished in moving the focus of our tree from one of 'department store look' to one the children love and enjoy because it is filled with their creations. :-)

  5. The hand blown ornaments can wait. What is the most important is just what you said, "the children's joy when they decorate the tree". I LOVE your tree Phyllis!

  6. What beautiful memories and traditions!! My son found a small 4 ft tree I bought on clearance last year, so I did not get to use it as I had intended since he claimed it for his own--the boys have their own tree with all of their precious homemade ornaments on it.


  7. I think I remember you posting about the pickle in the past...

  8. I totally agree! There was a day, when I had to have my tree decorated just so. Now, I delight in the off-balance, lopsided way my kids decorate the tree. You have a lovely tree!

    Stopping by from moments to remember

  9. I love the look of the hand blown ones too, but have terrible luck with them. Our tree is a lot of Hallmark ornaments, and miscellanious mish-mash.

  10. It is indeed lovely! That's exactly what I hope to do, fill my Christmas tree with my little ones homemade decorations. Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. Love when trees are covered with handmade children's ornaments, they make such great memories. Looks like lots of fun was had.
    Stopped by from Moments to Remember.

  12. I love trees with handmade and meaningful ornaments, especially the ones decorated by kids.

  13. I finally bought a postcard of Charleston. Can you send me your snail mail addy????

  14. I totally agree - I haven't photographed ours yet but I meant to.

    The girls always oooh and aah and get nostalgic, which always makes me smile because the idea of them feeling nostalgic at such a young age seems so funny to me.

    I get so frustrated during the process because my girls are very wild and active and it tries me but every year I tell Tim - it is worth it. I wouldn't have a perfect tree like his Mom for a million years - it has no soul.


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