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Moments to Remember: Getting a Christmas Tree

Getting a Tree Tradition
Each year, when we get our Christmas tree, we make a new layer of memories on top of all the lovely layers we have made in years past. Years past we would always go to the Christmas Tree farm to cut our own tree. For each of those years I have a picture of Dad laying down on the ground sawing the tree's trunk and then once cut, a picture of Dad hauling it to the truck or van and then one with all the kids gathered around -first just wide-eyed baby Katie and then, as each child was born, the pictures had the boys added, one by one, documenting their growth.

I say "the" farm, but I can recall at least three that we have gone to; two are out of business now and one, just around the corner from us, has become to pricey for us, at $65 and up for each tree. (Isn't there something ironic about the trees that you cut yourself being more expensive than the pre-cut trees?) The first year we decided that we needed to buy a less expensive already-cut tree, we went to a VFW stand and fell in love with the Concolor (or White) Firs they have there. They have long, soft needles so that you don't get spiked when you decorate. The branches stand out from the tree, leaving lots of space for ornaments. Best of all, however is their lovely orange scent which fills the air. So, in recent years we have a collection of photos of the kids picking out the tree now instead, still documenting their changes (did you notice that Sam passed down that same yellow coat to James?) and documenting the sameness of having these shared memories. Together at Christmastime.


  1. Sweet memories :)

  2. Beautiful memories to cherish for a lifetime and how these memories will be passed down to other generations.

    My parents always purchased a balsam fir and it very much sounds like what you described. Sadly, the drought devastated many of the tree farms around here...for up to five years they say since the saplings up to the 6 ft. ones all died in the drought.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I totally forgot to get pictures this year as we were getting the tree. I got one of us decorating, or of the shark frenzy that was the kids decorating.

  4. This makes me so happy! Wonderful, wonderful.


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