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Summer Fun # 60: Making Marbled Paper

This activity has been around awhile and I have been meaning to do it with the boys but I could never seem to find the appropriate time. Since I had put it on our Summer Bucket List, I thought that during our Not-Back-To-School week would be perfect.

Many blogs have posted about it, but most recently I remember seeing it on Having Fun at Home, where she has made a photo tutorial on how to make it.
You basically squirt shaving cream in a pan and then squirt paint on top. You then swirl the paint through the shaving cream to make a swirling pattern. Unfortunately we didn't have any tempera paint on hand (I had given it away for the big move that didn't happen) so we decided to try it with watercolor in tubes and liquid food coloring to see how they would work. The boys enjoyed the experimental aspect of the project.
Next you place a sheet of cardstock on the shaving cream/paint and press firmly. Then you take it up and swipe it away. It leaves the paint swirled on the cardstock.
This is how the food coloring turned out.
The colors were not very vibrant, but more pastel.

This is how the watercolor turned out.
The watercolor tended not to swirl well and it adhered to the paper only when we began wiping it away so that it made streaks rather than swirls.
We planned to get some tempera paint and try it again because it was a lot of fun to do.  The boys had a great time playing in the colored shaving cream once we were done with the project as well. I must tell you that this project is a bit messy and some of you may not be as foolhardy as I was to do it inside.
 We then took the marbled paper and traced it around leaves for a template...
 and made some late summer/early fall leaves...
green with just a tint of color.
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