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Snapshot Summary, September 26-30, week 4

Snapshot Summary, September 26-30

The most special event this week was that Katie turned 20!

We played with part-whole frames.
We worked on column addition, and how to align numbers so that they are all lined up in the proper places for place value. 
We worked on column addition problems with regrouping with manipulatives.
We subtracted two-digit numbers on the Hundreds Chart, some with regrouping.
We reviewed some vowel sounds and the rules.  We started reading Frog and Toad Are Friends and looked for words that fit the rules. (We looked at the difference between frogs and toads...see below)
We reviewed nouns and worked on identifying the subject of a sentence.
We looked at adverbs and how to recognize them. We looked at their comparative forms. We looked at some adverbs and adjectives that are confused sometimes like good/well and real/really.
For spelling words we worked on long and short o words, and words with -ck and x in them.
Sam took an English test.
Alex's journal
History and Geography
Alex's map showing how the wars in Europe spread to the New World's French and Indian Wars.
Map from Story of the World 3 Activity book.
We studied the French and Indian wars.
Sam wrote about the House of Burgess.
We looked at colonial foods brought to us by the Indians.
The Three Sisters medley -Butternut squash, Lima beans and corn cooked together with butter and a little honey.

We made toys of the Northeastern Indians.
Wampanaog Toss and Catch Game

Northeastern Indian Pouch
and Corn husk dolls.

James using Exploring Creation With Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures to label the parts of a fish.
We began our study of fish.
Quentin only needed to glue the proper words for the most basic parts of a fish, but he wanted to include sketches the growth of a fish from egg to adult.

James also glue down the names of the most basic part of the fish, but also hand labeled the names of all the fins. He decided to add color to his background, which kind of made the labels in pencil hard to see. We will go over them again with a black Sharpie.
Alex and Sam labeled the inside parts of the fish.
(bones pictured here, and the organs)

Then James wanted to label the bones of the fish, too.
Our study of fish tied in with our nature study.

We worked on this project but we didn't have the materials to finish them, so we will probably finish it up next week.
We looked at the difference between frogs and toads.
We had fun with surface tension and buoyancy.
We even made art with it.

Foreign Languages
Sam is still working on Greek and Latin. In Greek, he just finished the second declension masculine and is working with vocabulary and sentence practice with them.
He worked on the vocative case in Latin.

Our Favorite Resource This Week
If you have a high school student who does not want to do dissections and is not planning on going into a biology related field, you might want to use this coloring book instead. This is no kiddie coloring book. It has as much detail as you would need for high school or even college biology. It also has a write-up that goes with each structural identification.

Household Ways
Katie made some Green Eggs and Ham (Canadian Bacon) croissants.
We tried some new recipes this week...

Potato Onion tart

 Greek Steak Salad Pita Pockets,

and Rustic Tomato Tart,
which were all very good.


  1. Phyllis, I do love looking at your weeks! I know I've said it before, but I do mean it :) And, looking at the yummy food makes my mouth water!

    Happy Birthday to Katie!!!

    The zoology coloring book looks amazing...I will have to keep that one in mind. Thanks for sharing at Favorite Resources.

  2. Great activities! The green eggs and ham don't look too appetizing though!!!

  3. Fun week! Happy birthday to Katie!

    I love that you shared the notebook pages. It encourages me to see others working at it- especially boys. I think they have to warm up to the whole notebook idea. Mine don't claim to love it, but they are proud of their books.

  4. Happy Birthday Katie! And what a great week!

  5. I've discovered that you sneak things into these posts you didn't write about earlier or I somehow missed you writing about............

    I hadn't realized you were doing Swimming Creatures for science this year, it looks like you're a little bit ahead of us or skipping around the text. I can't quite tell which.....

  6. A huge happy birthday to Katie! And you all made the whole week such fun - with green eggs and ham (and much more yumminess). All your projects make me smile.

  7. Happy Birthday to your girl!!

    The coloring book looks really, really cool!! I also think the potato onion tart looks absolutely delicious!!

  8. Ticia...I can never just do a curriculum...I have to mess with it in some way. Yes, we are skipping around to suit our interests. We are doing some physical science as well this year as well.

  9. Oh, and yes, I do put in the weekly wrap-ups things that do not warrant a post of their own as well as the things we have posted about fully. It's a mix.

  10. Great pics, all your good shots made me hungry!

  11. I just picked up Frog and Toad this week from the library. Thanks for sharing your activities to think about while reading! Great week!

  12. Happy birthday, Katie!

    You ALWAYS do such fun, creative, hands-on activities! Can you homeschool ME? LOL

    And yummy vittles to boot!

    I need to try to remember that Zoology Coloring Book! My oldest will be doing Apologia Biology next year with dissecting. We'll probably DO the dissecting, but anything to ADD to the learning, right?

    Thanks for stopping by! We went through the White Mountains in New Hampshire which has some of the highest peaks in New England. We had a blast!

  13. Happy Birthday Katie!! I love all the things you do Phyllis! I love your new 'Fall' look too. I need to get that Zoology book. I love coloring books that teach.

    I made that Potato Onion Tart to take to a HS event and everyone RAVED about it. I told them I got it from you. :) Great week.


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