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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

On the first 54 degree Morning

(I wrote this in 2010 but as it was 49 degrees this morning, I was reminded of it.)

"It's the first day of Fall," I say,
wrapping the blanket tighter.
"No, it's not," says he, flipping a page and
pointing to the box with the 22 in it.
"I thought it started when the yellow buses started rolling,"
says the diminutive one, flipping the page back and pointing to the box with the 24.
So much like him and yet he would never admit it.
"No, " says he. He begins to draw spheres bisected with lines to explain.
Diminutive one shrugs, both an acknowledgement and dismissal
I could never understand.
"It's the first day of Fall," I say again,
thinking of days before ticking and boxes,
thinking of silence, smelling smoke and following buffalo on the move.
He shrugs, with both an acknowledgement and dismissal.
I was the only one who noticed.


  1. Ah - the weight of time in a box...

  2. Love it! Welcome to your fall season. In Arizona it was almost 100* today.. Yikes. I will just pretend and celebrate the 'changing' of the seasons through blogs like yours.

    much love,

  3. I loved this, good job. I actually had to turn the heat on this morning it was so chilly.

  4. What is this 54 degrees you speak of? I've heard of it.

  5. LOL It was 34 degrees here this morning! Brrr!

  6. This is beautiful. I can't believe it was 49° there! Brrrrrrr. It is cooler here, but not that cool.


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