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Labor Day: What I did on my Summer Vacation...

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Although our summer turned out a lot different than we expected, we still had lots of summer fun. On Memorial Day, which is the last day of our summer vacation, I like to look back at all the fun we had all summer. What fun things did you do this summer?
Here are the things we did off of our Summer Bucket List:

Bike Riding
Nature Walk

Waterballoon Toss
Use the sprinkler/garden hose to cool off
Galaxy Playdough 

Phineas and Ferb lunch

Banana Split Bites
Summer Bucket linkup was all summer at Little Wonder's Days.


See you there next summer!


  1. Anonymous5.9.11

    Just checking.... Should the post be titled Labor Day instead of Memorial Day?
    You guys sure did a ton of fantastic stuff this summer!!
    I am going to bookmark this post to try and do some of the fun things you have listed.

  2. LOL, Donna....shows you how out of it I am. I have corrected it now. Thanks for pointing it out.

  3. But you are remembering this wonderful summer! It can be a Memorial weekend too :) Thank you for inspiring us all. We enjoyed many of these because you share and encourage through all the fun you have. A wonderful bucket list!

  4. Anonymous5.9.11

    What a fun summer together! I've enjoyed your posts, even if I wasn't inside to comment on them all. You're killing me with the fruit pops and chocolate strawberry kabobs! I didn't get around to those.. . . I'm sure it could be a winter thing too. ;) Thanks for including us!

  5. Anonymous6.9.11

    WOW. can i be one of your kids???
    i'm bookmarking this post!

  6. What a fun and fantastic summer. It's always so nice to reflect back on the things a family has done.


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