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Colonial Toys: Button Spinner

This simple colonial toy is made with just a button and a two-foot piece of string.
The larger buttons work best and the string needs to be thin enough to go through the button holes and not be too tight.You need a flat button (not a shank button) with at least two holes.
Thread the string through the holes in the button.
Tie the string ends together.

Keeping the button in the middle, spin the button to twist the strings.

Hold the ends of the string with your fingers pull the strings to let them begin to untwist.

Release the pressure and then pull the string taut again to keep it spinning.


  1. Oh, I so need to make this tomorrow.

  2. I was thinking about these not long ago, trying to remember how my grandmother made them. She used HUGE buttons for ours. I believe 2 so they could clap together.

  3. We had a lot of fun with this toy, too. It's amazing how simple entertainment can be.

  4. I bet Daniel would love this! :D


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