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Summer Fun: #55: Puddleicious (Cloud Cupcakes)

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This idea comes from Bake It in a Cake.
To go with our cloud/water theme, we made "Puddleicious" Cupcakes.
Fluffy white cloud on top...

when cut open reveals rain falling down and forming a puddle at the bottom!

This effect is pretty easy to make. Just add a couple drops of blue food coloring or food gel to 1/3 of your favorite vanilla cake batter. I used a white cake mix. Scoop a tablespoon of it into the bottom of your paper lined cupcake tins to make the “puddle.” Next, add a few tablespoons of blue jimmies sprinkles to the remaining (undyed) batter to make the raindrops. Add a couple tablespoons of that to the cupcake tins. Then bake! Finish ‘em off with a “cloud” of white vanilla buttercream.


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