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Summer Fun #48: A Sweet Twist on an Old Game

You remember playing "Kick the can" as a kid? As kids we would find a can that had been left beside the road and one of us would start kicking it and you kicked it back and forth and the one who let it get by without kicking back it lost a point. Almost Unschoolers has put a new spin on this old game, having her kids play relay races and ending up with a treat of homemade ice cream. Of course this had to be on our Summer Fun list!
You must be careful if you are kicking or rolling the can on a trampoline.
1 pint of cream or half and half
1/3 cup granulated sugar
4 tablespoons of your favorite instant pudding mix
about 10 cups ice
1 1/2 cup ice cream rock salt
1 ziploc baggie
3-pound coffee can, emptied and rinsed
1-pound coffee can, emptied and rinsed
Duct tape

Put the cream, sugar and instant pudding mix into the baggie. Seal well and gently shake bag to mix ingredients. Place inside the 1-pound coffee can, cover the can with it’s corresponding lid and seal with duct tape. Place 1-pound coffee can inside the 3-pound coffee can. Surround the smaller can with ice and salt by layering 5 cups of ice with 3/4 cup of salt. Use duct tape to seal the 3-pound can with its corresponding lid and start rolling. Here is where you can get creative on the most fun way of keeping the can rolling. Have the kids face each other and roll the can back and forth on its side for 20 minutes. Play kick-the-can or a relay race.What creative way can you come up with?
After 20 minutes, open the cans and check the ice cream. If not solid yet, reseal the lid on the smaller can with duct tape, and set it aside. Quickly dump the melted ice water from the large can, and place the smaller can into the larger can again. Now you need to surround the smaller can with remaining ice and salt as you did before. Once that is done, put the lid on the larger can and seal with duct tape again. Roll the large can for 20 minutes more. 
This recipe comes from Kaboose.


  1. Ice cream making on the trampoline? That's a new one!

  2. I need to find some ice cream rock salt. That and the cans.....

  3. Ice cream making, kick the canning and trampolining - multi-skilling kids! Thanks for sharing this fun ideas with the Carnival of Outdoot Play :)


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