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Summer "Bucket" List: Butterflies for Lunch

tutorial for how to make this chicken nugget and chips butterfly at Hungry Happenings

These chicken nugget and Dorito chips butterflies are so easy and fun to have for lunch. I made the first one for them, and then put the rest of the chips, nuggets and chow mein noodles on the table and let them make their own butterflies. They had so much fun making and eating them!

originally posted Jul 24, 2011


  1. You do a great job with those special "little" things! I never seem to have the time (or patience) for such things as making a cute lunch! I think I should make more of an effort! LOL

  2. It must be a day for butterflies! I love this.

  3. Now this is a treat that Selena would absolutely love!

  4. That is so cute! I'm trying to decide if my kids would eat what it's made out of or not......


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