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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Pastels: Watermelon

Using this tutorial at Hodgepodge, we made summetime pictues of watermelon!

If you have not worked with pastels before, this is an easy one to start with. It only takes a few minutes.

Just a few simple shapes and lines and a slice of watermelon appears!
Artists: (top left) Alex (17), (bottom left) Quentin (7), (top right) Katie (19), (bottom middle) James (10),
(bottom right) Phyllis


  1. Those are are such a refreshing site!!! They do such a great job!!

  2. Beautiful!! And now I must go slice one for supper. Slurp :)

  3. awww...what a wonderful work of art!

    btw, thank you very much for sending a postcard all the way to Japan! I posted it here:


    Will send another postcard soon!^_^

  4. Love it, and the watermelon shark looks very lovely too.

  5. Wow I love these and the watermelon shark. You just rock Phyllis!! I love all your ideas. :)

  6. What a lot of wonderful watermelon-y fun you've been having! And I love pastels—yes, you can do so much with them, with just a few sweeps and swipes. Lovely :)

  7. More pastels, yay!! And more summertime! :)


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