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Saint Francis DeSales

Nature Connections in July: Under the Heat Dome

This month was full of the unexpected.

It has been so dry that even with watering our garden periodically it still has not produced as much as usual.

The kids have enjoyed playing in our backyard when the heat has not been too great.

On the evening of the 3rd Steven had an accident and broke his leg just under the knee. This put a halt on all of our plans to move to Tennessee. While he was at Baltimore Shock Trauma, we made the best of our Independence Day at home. 

Katie took the boys to our neighborhood park and they found lichen on the trees. 

They climbed trees...

and played on the community ship.

Katie used our Fundana to help them notice the nature around them while playing a fun game.

Katie also set up a game, Operation Super Heroes for them to play...

which got them running around outside despite the high temperatures.

The drought has caused an early autumn...

with colored leaves falling to the ground.

The boys also explore from time to time on their own, overturning rocks...

to make discoveries.

The boys have enjoyed being outside for playful times...

and peaceful times.

And when we couldn't go outside because of the extreme temperatures, we explored nature inside by taking the time to notice close-up and sketching things from nature like strawberries and watermelon

We also conducted science demonstrations outside. 

Because we had planned to move, we didn't set up our pool this year, but when the heat wave hit, the boys' Godmother sent them a little inflatable pool. The boys have loved playing in it.

We even made ice cream outside!


  1. Fun outdoor time even with the heat. We've enjoyed outdoors even in the cold and rain. We have had an early fall as well, several trees in the landscape are turning yellow. This morning is packed in with fog, and we have only had one ripe tomato on a full large plant full of blooms. I'd take the chill with a sweatshirt over heat with no A/C though. ;) Looking forward to more mellow temps in August hopefully!

  2. I am sorry that not all July plans went the way you planned, but it looks like you had a lot of fun outside despite the heat.

  3. sorry to hear about the leg. we too are having an early autumn with the drought. come on rain!

  4. I love all your outdoor activities! Sorry to hear about the break. I hope it's healing well and that you're getting back on track. The extreme temperatures and drought have kept us in more than usual and given us some early fall color, too.

  5. So sorry about the broken leg and hold-up on the move! It looks like you guys had a lot of outdoor fun this month despite the heat--yay! :)


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