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Summer Bucket List: Mini Mint Garden

Today we had fun planting a mini mint garden.

But not the kind you might be thinking. This is the edible kind, and no, I don't mean just the mint. I mean the whole garden.
I saw this idea at Practically Living, but I modified it a little.  I started with regular pudding (the kind you cook on the stove) simply because it tastes so much better than instant pudding and I didn't add the mint flavoring to the pudding. I substituted crushed Mint Oreos instead for plain Oreos on top the pudding, before sticking in the springs of mint. For the plant markers, I wrote their initials on wooden disposable spoons instead of a popsicle stick. They look just like plant markers when they are put in the cups...
but they double as something to eat the snack with.

originally posted 6/24/11


  1. Very nifty idea...I love it! I bet it was very tasty :)

  2. This is great! You made me pause, and reread a couple of times with the "this is the edible kind" comment - I almost jumped out to google non-edible mint, to see what it was, before I realized you were referring to the whole thing being edible. It really looks like mint plants in dirt! My kids would love this.

  3. Your amazing! Too cute, bloggy friend, too cute!

  4. Love this! I am with "Almost Unschooling" I had to read it twice. That looks so real!!!

  5. How did I miss this the first time around? My kids would LOVE it!


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