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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Snapshot Summary, April 19-25 {week 30}

This Moment

James helped me make monkey bread, rolling balls of dough, coating the dough balls in butter and then in cinnamon, allspice and brown sugar, while Steven made apple cinnamon muffins for the kids who can't have gluten or casein.
After the book school work was finished, we made Celtic shields and then they played Celts vs. Romans.
Katie took them next door to pet the dogs, and then she helped Alex plant potatoes and James plant garlic.
James also helped make Chili Relleno Casserole while Katie grilled steaks for dinner. After dinner Quentin pointed out the moon which was a thin crescent in the blue sky.

We practiced handwriting and painted a picture. We gathered dandelions and made chains with them. Katie and Alex worked in their garden and the boys played on the zipline.
Our morning began as many mornings, with individual work at the table... reading, writing and arithmetic, as well as other subjects. James and I made Oatcakes, a Celtic recipe. Katie had made almond cookies earlier so that the gfcf eaters could have something. They made a wonderful addition to our teatime. The Oatcakes made a wonderful teatime snack with butter and honey or cheese. Just can't picture the Celts sitting down to tea, though.

We played with Napier's Bones, made chalk pastel pictures, and the boys went to the park to play with friends.

We made  Flower Prints from Soda Bottles, rolled down our hill, worked in the garden and made a dragon cake for St. George.



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  1. Such creative, fun, hands-on learning! I can remember making dandelion chains as a child! LOL Cool Celtic shields! It's great that they can incorporate what they're learning into imaginative play. I bet they'll NEVER forget the Celtics and Romans!



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