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Nature Connections: April

We had many connections to nature this month. Sometimes we were out in it, enjoying it. Some days we did projects inside, still keeping connections to the living things outside.

Our first trip to the beach of the year.

Katie began bringing in bouquets of flowers and placing them all over the house. 

Although we still had to dress in warm clothes, the weather was getting warm enough to be outside in the afternoons.

We made spider web pictures.
A snake visited our porch.

Climbing trees and playing outside is becoming more frequent now that the weather is getting warmer.

James was excited that the trees were beginning to have buds and sprouting leaves. He had to take some pictures of them.

Outside in the sand.
We painted picture of eggs in their right colors.

More of Katie' bouquets.
Katie and Alex planted their garden.
We made pictures of dragonflies.
The morning beam of sunshine struck one of Katie' tulips just perfectly to make it glow. It was amazing.

James took pictures of the spring trees in our backyard.

James took pictures of the trees in bloom.
More of Katie's bouquets.
We made underground pictures.

Quentin went with Katie this time and he picked his own flowers.
Katie enjoys getting wet in a rain shower.

A snake made some excitement in the day as he tried to get in the house.

James took pictures of the clouds.

James took pictures of the spring trees' green leaves.
Lots of long walks and bike rides not only this day, but many days throughout the month.

Nature Connections
is a collaborative link collection
posted at the end of each month
on Living and Learning.
Its purpose is to showcase photos of children
enjoying nature to inspire all of us to get outdoors more.


  1. I love the lit tulip pic - and the gardening shots. But the TWO snake photos? Um. Yikes!

  2. Oh look at those lovely bouquets! And a trip to the beach—fun! I wish a snake (or two!) would visit our house. Looks like a wonderful month of spring awakening.

  3. Wow you certainly did make several connections with nature this month!! And that snake, a little too close for my comfort! Was that a rattler? My favorite pics are the ones of the boys barefoot. Too me there is no better way to get connected than getting down and dirty with the earth :).

  4. I'm sure this was a great post, but I got stuck at "A snake visited our back porch." What kind of a snake is that? It looks horrible!!! I'd never go outside again, if something like that was waiting for me :)

  5. Snakes that would be a bit unnerving to find;) hope you don't find any inside the house

  6. You guys had a great month. So many fun activities, beautiful nature shots, and exploring and playing. Oh to visit the sea. we must plan that in. And the snakes! I will show my boys the pictures!

  7. I like Katie's Magic Tulip best!

  8. I love those beautiful flowers! xo

  9. Love all the bare feet and beautiful flowers! I'd love to have a swing in our yard, but our only tree is just a baby dogwood. :)


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