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Nature Connections in February

This February has been very cold for us, so we did not get out a lot this month.

On one of the warmer days, Sam noticed this snake in the dry leaves and quickly snapped a picture before he got away.

On Backyard Bird Count Day, we went down to the beach. It was misty and bitter cold, with a biting wind. 

We did manage to count some birds that were out...

and sneak in a little tree climbing.

We all came down with nasty colds the next day that we have been fighting ever since.

No spring flowers yet, but still lots of color from our holly tree!


  1. Hope all of you feel better soon! All the tree climbing looks like so much fun!!

  2. Colds are miserable! Hopefully you'll all be recovered in time for the nice weather returning.

  3. Hope you are feeling better now. We're fighting a cold that has been around for weeks now :(
    And I'm so glad we don't have snakes here! I'd freak out if I saw one ;)

  4. Were you able to count many birds? We counted a few in our backyard, but it was our walk to the lake that brought our count up :). Sorry to hear you all are sick! Feel better soon!

  5. yuck snakes they are my least favorite thing with warm weather.

    love the beach pictures I lived in ft walton beach for many years.

    great tree to climb my girls love climbing trees.

  6. Great shot of the snake. Looks like lots of fun especially the tree climbing.

  7. We joined the backyard bird count this year, too, but our area was hit by a snow and wind storm that lasted on and off the whole weekend and our usually busy backyard was devoid of birds. Bummer. I hope you had more luck, and I love your beautiful berries! Feel better.

  8. We participated in the Backyard Bird Cout too. Lots of run-of-the-mill chickadees and bluejays, but we did see one American Bald Eagle. Very exciting. We've also had a Barred Owl around in the early mornings. Trying to get a picture of him.

    Love your blog.

  9. Nice shot of the snake--they are so hard to photograph since you have to be so quick. :)

    Hope you guys are on the mends! Thanks for linking at Nature Connections. :)


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