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St. Valentine's Day Countdown...4...Mailbox for a Month of Mail

I know this craft is most likely appeal to preschoolers, but if  you have looked at this blog for awhile, you have probably noticed that my youngest boys love to pretend play. So, since there are lots of Valentines and sweet notes passed around this month, I thought they might like to become mailmen.
Then I saw a simple mailbox at The Imagination Tree and knew that was it.

First I found a suitable box and gently pulled it apart, turn it inside out and re-glued the seams with a glue gun.
I then let them have fun painting it with blue tempera paint.

I was casual about it, so they took their time, taking turns painting it whenever they felt like working on it throughout the week. I would have preferred a more thorough job, but they were satisfied and that is all that really mattered.

Today, while they were at a Valentine's Day party, I made it into a mailbox.
First I cut a flap in the bottom of the back for the mailman to collect the mail.

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I freehand cut out the letters for MAIL from white construction paper and glued them on.

I cut a slot under this so that people could slip mail in.
Now it is ready for mail. I am hoping that it will encourage them to write and read a little more in their pretend play.
Quentin has already found something he plans to use for his mailbag and I am sure he will come up with a hat.

Want to see how we used it?

If you are really artistic and creative, perhaps you might want do some of the Snail Mail things at
Katherine Marie.


  1. So awesome! The next time that we come across a cardboard box of a particular size, I am absolutely going to set this up!

  2. Great idea for a mailbox and easy too. (Especially if you have kids willing to paint it). I think it's great that your boys still enjoy pretend play. I think maybe I still do too and that's why I have so much fun playing with my little boys!

  3. It turned out brilliantly! I love that yours is like a US mailbox. Very sweet.


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