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The Great Backyard Bird Count 2011

 Today we participated in The Great Backyard Bird Count by going down to the beach.

It was very windy, misty and cold, and so we only lasted 15 minutes there.

 Here is our count for this year...
7 Herring Gulls

14 Black Vultures
 And on the way back home, we saw...

2 Common Grackles

1 Mourning Dove

and 2 Cardinal Grosbeaks; one female, one male

What birds are in your neighborhood today?


  1. We saw none thi weekend but heard several we didn't identify

  2. It looks really cold in the first photo! I am proud of you for getting out and counting. You saw some interesting birds and I love the cardinal.

    Thanks for sharing your list with the OHC.

  3. Awesome! Our lists were similar every day even at different times: Blue Jays, Chickadees, Titmice, and a pair of Mourning Doves. (We had 8 gray squirrels and 2 red squirrels though! LOL)


  4. I love it!!! Especially since I have been longing to go to the beach these days. You gave me a mini vacation :) Love the variety of birds you saw.

  5. Encourages me to get my count on line! Sorry for the cold day at the beach! Great photos!

  6. Another fun count for us too! Only a lot warmer! Snow? YIKES!

  7. Yes, and it snowed again last night!

  8. Beautiful photos!!


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