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Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night (the night of the 12th day of Christmas) is on January 5th.
 We have a tradition of celebrating Twelfth Night.
After dinner, the bean cake is cut. There are many variations to this custom; we bake in a cake a white bean and a black bean...

or cupcakes, one with a white bean, one with a black bean.
The person who gets the black bean in their slice (or cupcake), is determined to be the Master of Ceremonies for the evening. This person decides the order of the night's events.
He declares when it was time to find the pickle... The pickle is a German tradition in which the child who finds the pickle gets an extra present or treat.
We usually give something that can be shared with the whole family and played with that night. 

When the white bean is found, that person is declared the King (or Queen, if it is a girl) of the Evening. As King, he is crowned and that person is treated as royalty. He is served first and gets first choice of everything.


Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.
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  1. What fun traditions you have with your family! I loved that pickle ornament. Perfect!

  2. so fun! happy new year. xo

  3. One year, when I was early teens, I visited our french neighbours, who also had a cake similar to your bean cake. The custom was not explained to me. I spent several minutes wondering how I could discreetly dispose of the not very chewy thing I had found in their cake. Eventually the look on my face must have given me away!

    Happy new year to you and your family.

  4. What a neat tradition. Did you celebrate 12th night early this year? I thought it was Jqanuary 5th.

  5. I laughed when I saw the header picture of your son in the snow, that's how I feel about the white stuff too! I tried to find chestnuts in the stores but nobody had them : (
    Your kids are lucky to have you & your husband, you really work at making their days magical!
    Best Wishes.

  6. Yes, it is January 5th. The pictures are from last year's celebration.


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