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Saint Francis DeSales

Precious Ones

I didn't think before I spoke and words harsher than they should have been came out.
She dissolved into tears.
I was sorry. I had meant to make an impression about a poor habit that hadn't been worked on in awhile.
I hadn't meant to hurt.
Sincere apologies and offers of hugs were rejected at first as she was still smarting.
In minutes, however, we were hugging and forgiving and starting over.
Lord, help me be less quick to anger and let forgiveness reign in this season especially.
And then a small break to visit with blog friends and I saw this and this.
It reminded me again of how precious our children are to us.
With tears streaming down my face, I had to hug each of them right then and there.
It is so easy to take the wonderful gift of our children for granted until we are given the reminder.
Lord, thank you for this gift you have intrusted me with.
I know we are dedicated and do our best for them. But still...
Take a moment right now and hug each of your awesome gifts and take the time to tell them how precious they are to you.
And if you feel so moved, leave Dana a word or two and say a prayer or two for her comfort in this time of unimaginable pain.
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  1. Thankyou for sharing this - we will certainly pray - I can't even begin to imagine the depth of the pain.

  2. I can't imagine her pain. I stopped to let her know how I'm praying for her.

  3. Heartrending...a reminder we need but at a tremendous cost to Dana and her family.

  4. I just read that too... hugged and cuddled extra this morning. thankful for the moments.


  5. Melissa, Of course I would rather it never have happened, but now that it has, I am, like Dana, believe that we must find what good there is in anything that happens. She urges people to look through their homes to find spots like this in our house to possibly prevent such a thing from happening to anyone else. She also is asking for donations to be sent to Tiny Hands International to have as Dana has said, "...some of the overflowing generosity we have been shown could benefit someone who has true physical needs."

  6. Anonymous16.12.10

    I read about this yesterday, read parts of it out loud to hubby in choking sobbing tears. And still - yesterday - as we tried to swing into school and learn how to subtract fractions from whole numbers, I heard my tired frustration rise in the tone of my voice. So we headed outside for a walk in the rain. I keep hearing her words - of regret - of sending the little one down stairs -an it rips my heart out. There was alot of hugging and kissing yesterday. - And Today.


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