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New Year's Eve Countdown Activity Bags

I have always had a hard time with finding and being comfortable with New Year's Eve traditions. I have tried time capsules and those writing activities where you write down your hopes for the coming year and the like and well, none of us really liked them.

I have seen the idea of countdown bags on several blogs, (Little ThingsAussie Pumpkin Patch, Hoosier Homemade to name a few; Adventures in Homeschooling added little poems to theirs) and it seemed like just the thing I have been looking for. If any particular activity was a flop, then that could be replaced with something else the next year. Things really enjoyed could be repeated. If you don't want to keep the little ones up until midnight, you can have your "hours" come whenever you want them to.
Here are the ideas we are going to start with:
1:00 Happy New Year! Badges (Laminate them and then taped a safety pin to the back.) or hats and noisemakers.
2:00 Open Box ornament and write new prayers (or wishes, if you prefer)
3:00 Crack open Fortune Walnuts
4:00 A game the whole family can play together
5:00 Special Dinner
6:00 Open Crackers
7:00 Special Dessert: such as make-your-own sundaes or frost and eat "Goodbye (the previous year)" cookies
8:00 Movie Time
9:00 Pop popcorn and serve with the rest of the movie
10:00 I Spy puzzle. Put together and locate items. We all love I spy around here, so this was an interesting idea to me.
11:00 Bubbling Grape Juice with 12 grapes Mocktails
12:00 Sparklers


  1. That is way cool.

  2. I will SO remember this list for our New Year's Eve celebration next year- EXCELLENT!

  3. Phyllis, this looks like a ton of fun! I hope your family had a wonderful New Year's Eve! Blessings in the coming year.

  4. This is such a great idea...having a relaxed schedule of activities to do. I will need to try and remember this one for next year. Thanks for sharing!


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