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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Gingerbread Village

This year we not only decorated a gingerbread house, we made a whole gingerbread village.
Here are our houses before we decorated them.
They are all slightly different.
Katie has to use gloves because she cannot touch anything with gluten in it.

This is the town church, featuring a gummy wreath.
This is the A-frame house with a spearmint leaf door.
This is the barber shop with a spearmint bush.
This cottage has a string of lights across the roof and a marshmallow snowman.
This one has Lego children in a snowball fight.

Our finished village.

Here is a link to create a Gingerbread Village out of Graham Crackers....so no baking or kits.
Or, if you want the lovely smell of gingerbread baking in your home, you might want to make these adorable miniature houses from not martha; so small they can sit on the rim of a mug of hot chocolate!

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  1. Anonymous16.12.10

    Love the Lego Snowball fight! I really need to get in gear this week and pick some of these activites! What fun y'all are having!

  2. Your kids are delightful and so creative! Thank you for visiting my blog, I am not sure what your comment meant, about an award...this is probably common blogspeak, forgive me for asking for clarification, I am new to this beautiful blogging world.

  3. I love your houses.

  4. I love it,looks like fun!


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