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Preparing For Saint Lucia Day on December 12

Tomorrow is Saint Lucia Day. Lucia was a young girl in Italy in the fourth century.It is said that instead of marrying a powerful landowner, she instead gave her dowry to the poor of her city. For the people in Sweden, the Christmas season begins with St. Lucia Day. At dawn on the 13th of December the eldest daughter of each house dresses in a long white dress with a red sash. She wears a wreath in her hair made of
lingonberry branches with four lit candles (although now I understand they use battery operated candles for safety reasons.) The girl who plays Santa Lucia is accompanied by her younger brothers and sisters. The younger girls also wear white dresses and sashes and carry lit candles but they do not wear a wreath in their hair. Her little brothers are dressed in white pants and shirt and wear hats with stars on them and carry staffs with a star on the tip, these are Santa Lucia’s star boys. Santa Lucia carries a tray with coffee, sun coloured saffron buns called Lussekatt and ginger cookies to their parents in bed. And so preparations have to be made today.
Saffron Dough is made...
Gingerbread dough is rolled out...

greens for the head wreath are collected...
saffron buns, Lussebullar, are made.
Luciapepparkakor Cookies are finished.
In the end, they decided to decorate the breakfast tray with Katie's old Kirsten doll St. Lucia head wreath instead of making their own with the greenery.
They are prepared for St.Lucia Day tomorrow. (And so are we!)
Many more suggestions for how to prepare for and celebrate this day are at Gingerbread Snowflakes, including some ideas like coloring pages, that do not take much preparation.
Another recipe for Swedish Lucia Buns at Cooking with My Kid.
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  1. Ever since my eldest did a book study on the American Girl Kirsten, I have wanted to properly celebrate St. Lucia Day, but I just don't have my act together this year. I will be watching your posts this year and celebrating in spirit...and copying your ideas for our celebration next year! :0)

  2. The saffron dough looks amazing!!! I'm not much of a baker, but I'm going to have to try this!

  3. Anonymous12.12.10

    wow! You guys are having the most fun month ever! I think Rolls and Cookies should be celebrated here too. :) White dresses and candles in the hair, maybe not. ;)

  4. You always doing delicious things


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