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Thanksgiving Week Activity: Miniature Bows and Arrows

When I saw these cute miniature bow and arrows sets at Almost Unschoolers, I knew I had to make them for my history-loving boys.
The Brooding Hen has a wonderful step-by-step tutorial, so if you want to make one, you might want to go there for the details, but basically you:
1. cut four small notches in a Popsicle stick
2. soak them in water for an hour or so.
3. Tie dental floss around one end of the Popsicles stick, wrap it around a few times
4.Gently bend the Popsicle stick and wrap and tie it on the other end, making sure the floss is taut and on the same side of the Popsicle stick on both ends.
5. The arrows are made from Q-tips that have one end removed.
You have to watch out for suprise attacks, however!
My boys discovered that they are also perfect for their GI Joes.
These are not only great for Thanksgiving, but all sorts of history time periods depended on the bow and arrow, and so it has many possiblities...William Tell...Robin Hood...


  1. I made a note to make these when I saw them on Leah's blog. They are so cool! My kids will love them.

  2. I saw her post on this too and am waiting for an excuse to do it.

  3. Seriously clever and easy.

  4. I too am looking for a good reason to make these. Thank you for linking up this week. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Thankyou for the inspiration :) I am going to try and make these with the girls this afternoon, we obviously don't have thanksgiving here but these will be fun!


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