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Summer "Bucket" List: Bubble Painting

This is a messy but really fun project, so make sure you do this in an area that can be easily clean up afterwards or put down protective covering.
The end product are papers that are swirled with color.

But with this project, it is the process of making them that makes the activity one that is most loved.
In small cups mix together about a tablespoon of water, a teaspoon of acrylic paint and a big squirt of dish washing soap. You may have to adjust these. If the bubbles aren't producing well enough, add a tiny bit more water and some more drops of soap. Colors not dark enough? Add more paint. Just mess around with it until you get the consistency you want.Mix those all together with a straw. And then, using the straw, blow into the mixture. You know how you have to keep stopping them from blowing bubbles in their milk?
This is one time in which they can do this to their heart's content.Once the bubbles reach over the top edge of the cup, gently place a piece of paper on the bubbles. The bubbles will POP!--leaving an imprint on your paper. The type of paper you use will depend mostly on what you want to use the end product for. This time we used tissue paper because that was the type of paper we needed for a project (which you'll see soon). You can also use cardstock or watercolor paper to make a homemade book cover or other similar project. The possibilities are endless, but you might want to have an idea in mind for its purpose as that may determine the type of paper you will use.
Of course you could do it just for the fun of doing it.Keep blowing bubbles and letting them pop all over your paper. Like I said,his is messy. Even faces might be splattered by the time they're done.
But, oh the fun is worth it!

This idea originally came from WhiMSy love.

originally posted Sep 5, 2010


  1. We did a similar activity a while ago and everything turned out good...Check out my recent post @ http://blog.memetales.com/2011/03/counting-activities-kids-craft/

  2. Love the bubbles and colors! Thank you for the idea.


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