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Summer "Bucket" List:Make Potato Prints on Fabric

We decided that since our tradition for opening our camp is to make tie-dyed T-shirts, that it would be nice to end camp with another type of T-shirt. This time we decorated them with potato prints. They are simple to make.
For each pair of stamps, use a good-sized baking potato. Scrub it to remove any dirt and slice it in half through the fattest part of the middle. Make sure your design is simple. We used shapes and a skeleton face.Use a knife to cut away the parts of the potato that fall outside the shape. Cut in about 1/4" deep. The shape will become a raised surface.Make a puddle of fabric paint on a paper plate. Press the shape into the paint, or use a sponge brush to apply fabric paint to the shape. Then press the inked shape onto the fabric. Repeat as many times as you'd like. Want to change paint colors? Just rinse the potato in running water and pat dry. After the paint is dry, follow the paint directions and set the stamped area with a hot iron.
Alternatively, you can make it on paper for gift wrap.

This idea comes from Design Mom and Elizabeth Abernathy.
Originally posted Sep 6, 2010

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