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The August Break #24: Whooo Had Fun with Owls?

We did! First we made some clay owls.
To make these, start with a ball of Model Magic. We used one of the pouches that comes in a box per owl.
Next, use a rolling pin to to make circle. Use a thin marker cap to make U's on by pressing half of the cap into the body area over and over.
Next, fold sides in to form the wings, and then fold top down to make the ears.
You might need to pinch the clay for the ears a bit.
Use a large marker cap to make eyes by pressing it in. We used a plastic knife to make beak. There, now it is done.
This was done by my autistic son, Alex.
This idea came from 4 Crazy Kings
and she has a step-by-step photo tutorial on how to make them.
And for teatime, we made cupcake owls.
Italic We used chocolate frosted cupcakes, Oreo Cookies, Junior Mints and slivered almonds to make them.
Open two Oreo cookies, and use the filling covered sides up, for the eyes.
A Cute Hoot Open Faced Whoopie Pies Recipe and Tutorial
Cut the edges of the other sides of the Oreos (the ones without the filling) to make the ear feathers at the top.

Put a Junior Mint on each Oreo filling to make the pupils of the eyes,
and we used the almond slivers for the beak.
Although we made them together, they all came out slightly different as each person made them to their own taste.

Despite the fact the boys had a good time making them, this project was a little messy for the little ones.
I got this idea from Leah at Almost Unschoolers and she made them for her children, which may have been a better idea. She also has a lot of additional ideas for projects and snacks around the owl theme.


  1. I love the clay owls - we may have to try that too! Thanks for the shout out - your cupcakes turned out very cute :)

  2. We just made these last week! I love your eyebrows - we didn't think of that!

  3. Those clay owls are too cute! I love both of these ideas.

  4. I love both these projects! My children would especially like oreo owls. Messy fun :)

  5. Very cute! I love model magic and use it with my kids at school all the time. And those cupcakes look YUMMY!

  6. oh yum! I wish we did halloween in Australia when I see all these blogged activities

  7. Anonymous8.10.10

    These look fab, we may have to try a mama-assisted one with play-doh.

  8. Thanks for sharing with the Play Academy again. I love Alex's owl. And the chocolate one looks yummy too.


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