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Saint Francis DeSales
painting by Katie Bergenholtz

Summer Fun #21: Craft Tutorial: Sponge Comet Balls

I have seen these in a couple of different places (here and here, for example), but have just gotten around to making them. The boys played with them in the pool and had a lot of fun with them.
To make them all you do is take two regular-sized sponges and cut them each into four long thin strips of sponge.

Tie the eight strips of sponge together in the middle with string, yarn or plastic zip-ties.

You can leave them plain or attach cloth ribbon when you tie them together for a comet tail. If you use a zip-tie, I recommend using the comet tail so you can cover the hard plastic end with the cloth ribbon.

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  1. I've bought a bunch to do the same thing!


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