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Passing On A Blog with Substance Award

Barbara from The Handbook of Nature Study nominated me for this award. I feel honored to receive an award in any case, but to receive one from a blogger that I so respect is just plain awesome. Thank you, Barbara! Happy day! Okay, now, down to business...
The Award Rules:
"Thank the blogger who awarded it to you." check
"Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using ten (10) words." Hmmm...I am not sure anyone can do that. So, how about with my passing it on I modify this to say, "Say 10 words about blogging, either your philosophy, motivation, experience or the like." Okay, that I can handle. Blog about what you really care about and it shows. 10 words exactly; okay that will work.
"Pass it on to 10 other blogs which you feel have real substance." Wow, that is quite a few. How about in passing it on, we reduce that to 5, shall we? Okay, so here are my 5 blogs of substance.
I would pick The Handbook of Nature Study as being my top favorite blog of substance, but since that is where I got this award, I guess that doesn't work, does it?
1. Almost Unschoolers
2. Fisher Academy International
3. Homeschool Highlights
4. Acorn Pies
5. The Woman and The Wheat


  1. Thanks so much! I'm really behind in taking care of award posts - but I appreciate the nomination :)

  2. Phyllis - you are most deserving of the award. And your 10 word blogging statement says it so well. Your passions translate to us through your words! Thank you very much. I'm tickled to be in your top 5!

  3. I love your ten words. I have been working/wondering about the big wide world of blogging opportunities - but it all comes back to not "feeling" like good idea. I just need to blog what I love - :) Thanks for the reminder. :)


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