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Let's Remember Who Have Fought For Us

If you know a member of the Armed Forces, give them a thank you today. If you don't head on over to Troop Petrie and thank them for what they do for us every day.


  1. thank you so much for this. I will be sure to tell Rob about it when I write him this evening.

  2. Barb!
    I wanted to take the opportunity to FINALLY thank you for your sweet, encouragement to my efforts in teaching pastels to my grandchildren. I do have to credit my daughter with her expertise in getting the lessons online, she is amazing! I have enjoyed reading your blog and think that you are amazing too! Thank you again!
    Nana ("aka" Lucia Hames).

  3. Phyllis! Forgive an old lady for calling you by the wrong name! ARG! I was operating on just one cup of coffee!


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