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Saint Francis DeSales

Friday's Flowers

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  1. Gorgeous blooms!!! Don't you just love the mixed colors nature provides us??? LOVE it.

    I clicked on your cooking blog first and a lightbulb went on...now I realize who you are! LOL

    On another note: I was curious about something on your blog and now since we have commented on each others blogs and know each other hahaha..I feel more comfortable asking you...but not in a comment. can i email you?

    happy day!

  2. Of course, Marcia.

  3. Hello Phyllis,
    Just wanted to say I love all the adventures you create for your boys. They are very lucky! I also especially like your toady Netflix! he he

  4. I will have to post about San Juan then!
    NO. Your life is NOT boring!! it is what your kids will remember when they are grown up... treasured moments. those everyday ones.

    amy in peru

    hey, will you activate e-mail in your blogger profile? I don't know how many e-mails I've sent you and I'm afraid they don't get to you!! yikes. you can still keep your e-mail private if you want to, but that way we can respond to comments straight by e-mail! so easy!

  5. Anonymous29.6.10

    Love the bright colours on your Friday flowers! You must have had so much fun picking them as a family.

    And yes, I also like the new look on your blog. Are you going to keep it? :-)


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