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Saint Francis DeSales

Celebrating Summer Party

Today we celebrated the first day of summer with a little summer party.
It would make a nice birthday party or a party for any time during the summer. It all started when I saw Almost Unschooler's sunshiny yellow party and it looked so much like sunny summer to me. I made a sun pinata from her instructions.

We also followed Almost Unschooler's idea to have a treasure hunt...

but instead of hiding the clues in play dough,
Katie thought of the idea of hiding the clues in all the activities.

This is what the boys found among the pinata's candy.

When they sat on the balloons and broke them, one of the held the instructions to go to the swimming pool for the next clue... Toys floating in the pool had plastic bags taped to them,
some held the promise of swimming later... but one of them held another clue; this time to bubble wands.

We didn't have time for this, but it would have been wonderful to make our own bubble wands. Instructions for making bubble wands can be found here.

The clues finally led to their treasure; a small box of Legos to share. Some homemade playdough, in summer colors however, would be a fine treasure to find instead.

After all that treasure hunting, they were ready for refreshments.

Summer cupcakes... or a sun cake; orange inside and yellow outside with sparkly sprinkles...
I thought of putting ice cream cones around the edges and icing them to make the sun's rays, much like the pinata, but I ran out of time.
After refreshments, they were free to do any of the activities from the treasure hunt: swimming in the pool, bubbles, putting together the Legos (or playing with playdough) or playing with the little toys they found in the pinata. This should keep them busy all afternoon/evening. After dinner we plan to dip summer fruits in melted chocolate.
What a lovely way to celebrate summer.


  1. Oh, I really like the idea of hiding the clues in the activities. I'll save that idea for another day! Happy first day of summer :)

  2. that looks way too fun! I like your additions to the original idea.

  3. What a wonderful party! I love the cupcakes with the little umbrellas. Happy summer!


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