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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

This Beautiful Moment (Anticipation) & Snapshot Summary; May 24-29, {week 35}

A single photo capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment.
A moment you want to pause, savor and remember.
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Monday: We are still on spring vacation. We met our homeschool group at a local strawberry patch. While waiting for the hayride wagon to be readied, the children played. Then the hayride around all the fields and orchards. We do this every year for the past few years, and Quentin reminded me of the ride last year when one of the farm dogs raced with us the whole way. James and Quentin talked about all the sights that they remembered from the past years. Doing the same things year after year make the cycles of the year become so familiar and welcomed. After the hayride, I settled myself on a picnic blanket while the kids picked strawberries. We explored some Nature Study of the Strawberry plant. We paid for the strawberries at the little store and bought flowers and baskets made in Africa. When we came home, Sam found a Garter Snake in the backyard. We noticed a tree in the backyard which bears berries, and with much searching on the Internet we discovered we have a Mulberry tree.

Tuesday: While Steven took James to get his allergy shots (it is an all day affair as the doctor is 3 hours each way, making 6 hours just in travel time), Katie and Alex worked in their garden, and then she canned strawberry jam. I made a strawberry shortcake with freshly whipped cream.

Wednesday: Katie had the boys pick the ripe Mulberries off the tree so that she could make jam out of them. She made jam out of the remaining Strawberries as well as the Mulberries. Oh, have you ever had Mulberry jam? It is SO good...sort of like a cross between blackberry and peach. That evening we had a small early birthday party for Sam. It has been in the 90's so a pool sounds really good right now.

Thursday: Steven took the boys to Medieval Times as a joint birthday present for them. They took Quinny and James' best friend, Sarah, and her Mom with them. They had a wonderful time and are anxious to start Medieval history. When they got home, Steven set up the pool and began filling it. There was a sudden thunderstorm that brought the temperature down.

Friday: It took all morning for the pool to fill and they were anxious to get in it even though the temperature had dropped. The boys have been playing knights all day, sometimes with plastic figures, sometimes dressing up in plastic armor with wooden shields and swords. They are excited about the Middle Ages study we will be doing and I may end up starting it right away instead of waiting until the fall. Katie took James on a nature walk and they collected materials for a collage we will be doing next week. In the afternoon the boys went into the pool as Dad watched them and worked at the picnic table in the backyard. The spring peepers are beautifully loud now at night.

Saturday: Steven took Katie and the boys to Chestertown's Tea Party where Katie and Sam danced with the Pepper Steppers. Katie has danced before the general public before, but this was a first for Sam. He was very nervous, but he did a fine job, of course. They also watched the Tea Party reenactment, which thrilled the little boys. Quentin came home and found his Revolutionary War hat and toy rifle and was play-acting it all over again. They also enjoyed the booths and food stuff.


  1. Wow! what a fun, full week! Strawberries, birthday cake and a pool party :)

  2. I love this. Once again you have wowed me with your collage! I love those! it's so fun to see your week and I know that we're going to be so glad we took a few minutes to document all this while we still remember these little important pieces that make up our life :)

    amy in peru

  3. The Tea Party sounds like so much fun! Hope you have a wonderful upcoming week!

  4. Thank you for this... I love your blogs and they keep me connected to "ya'll" even as I am back here, in the land of "ya'll."

  5. Sounds like an amazing week!! And I'm so jealous of all that strawberry jam... yum! :-)

  6. Mulberries and strawberries! It sounds like a delicious week. :)


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