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A Roman Feast

 Usborne Encyclopedia of World History
For our Roman feast we wanted to set up the rectangle of couches like the Romans did, but I just didn't have the energy to move that much furniture, so we ate at the table like usual. Sam was disappointed but not so much as to take on the task of organizing moving furniture himself.
Our menu included a roasted chicken which we had brushed on Garum. We used a bottled Asian fish sauce. We grilled fish with lemon, olive oil, spring onions and cilantro.We made Garbanzo bean salad from the recipe in this book. We made a batch of bread dough that makes three loaves of bread, however once we divided it into thirds, we made three different breads with them. One third was made into olive rolls.
Another third was made into cinnamon rolls.
The last third was made into a regular bread loaf.

We served artichokes which our kids had never had this before. Quentin kept making a face when he ate the leaves, but he kept eating them!
After eating a meal, you could play a Roman game I heard about at Ordinary Life Magic.
It comes from a book called "Play With US - 100 Games From Around the World." It is called Turbo - a game with tops that the ancient Romans played. You draw a large circle, and make uneven pie slices in it with numbers - 1 being the biggest section, and 10 being the smallest. You decide to what score you're playing towards, and spin your tops (taking turns) and see who gets to the winning score the fastest.
We are also reading The Ides of April.
Lots of ideas and links on The Glory that was Rome at The Chronicle of the Earth


  1. Love reading about your feast! The last photo with your son's expression is priceless. Looks like you had fun.

  2. The picture is priceless! I'm so excited I'm getting my curriculum this weekend for history.

  3. What curriculum are you using, Ticia?

  4. I love that you are introducing your children to so many unusual and new foods. A gift that will enrich their lives for years and years to come.


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