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Saint Francis DeSales

An Outdoor Fort, Playhouse or Camp

String three long pieces of twine where you would like your fort to be. Bushes, trees, fences and the like all can be used to anchor the twine. Drape large sheets, tablecloths or other large pieces of cloth over the twine to form a roof and sides of the fort. Use clothespins or tape to secure the cloth to the twine.

Each design is different.

Just the right place to add a few props and have hours of imaginative play.

I like how they used an old outdoor chair to both help prop the cloth and as a shelf inside for their toys.


  1. LOVE this. My kids are also experts in forts and such... will post pictures tomorrow on my snapshot summary at http://apilgrimsproject.blogspot.com


    amy in peru

  2. My kids love doing this inside the house. I am certain they would love it even more outside!

    Thanks for linking up!


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