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Summer Fun 14:A Miniature Garden Pergola

On the edge of the garden... where it meets the wild growth...
sits a miniature pergola.

To make one yourself, take small twigs and bend them into a horseshoe shape into the ground. It helps if some are already curved into that shape. Weave some grasses or vines in and out of these twigs to fasten them together. Use grasses to tie the top of the pergola together.

You can now make some rock furniture to go inside.
Instructions on how are here.


  1. Thanks for linking - I just love your mini pergola!!! Very cute addition to the miniature houses and goodies that spring up around here!!! Hope you have a fun week!!!

  2. I love the new pictures you have for the top of your blog, the one of your daughter looking out is beautiful : )
    Thanks for checking in on my, Life has been crazy with my son's wedding...

  3. Thank you, Donna. The picture of Katie was taken from the resturant I took her to for her 18th birthday. She was happy and kinda melechonly at the same time as it was a birthday which marked the division between childhood and adulthood. It was a beautiful spot, as well, overlooking the harbor off of the Chesapeake Bay.
    I can imagine that a child's wedding would be a very emotional time. Take care,

  4. Love the mini pergola!
    And I am always very hungry after reading your other blog :)

    Glad you popped by for a visit today.

    happy day!

  5. Very cool!!!! Thanks for linking up!!

  6. I love it Katie. It would be the perfect addition to our fairy garden!

    1. We've featured 3 of your posts!
      You can get a button here: http://littlehomeschoolblessings.blogspot.com/p/this-summer-we-are-co-hosting-all-year.html

      We love your ideas!

  7. Oh My brother and I used to make all sorts of miniature things like this.. I can't wait till my Little One is old enough to do this!


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