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May Day Baskets

A wonderful but old-fashioned May Day tradition is to make little cone-shaped baskets and quietly deliver them to neighbors, secretly hanging them on doorknobs.

To make these small baskets, first fold a sheet of construction paper into quarters... take a quarter sheet and shape it into a cone by curling one corner over to the opposite corner, making one end wide and the other end tapering to almost a point. Tape it together in this cone shape.

Next take a strip of paper about 1/2 inch by about 10 inches
and tape this to the cone for the handle. Put a little tissue paper in the bottom of the cone.

Now gather wild flowers or flowers you have growing in your spring garden

and put them in the baskets.

Now the best part; walk through your neighborhood with them...

and secretly hang them on the doors...

Happy May Day!


  1. I had forgotten this lovely tradition. I love the photo of your son distributing the May Day baskets to neighbors. I am sure it made their day. I loved this post and will try to make them with my class next year.


  2. I think May Day is one of my favorite holidays. Who doesn't love surprise flowers on their door?! :)

  3. What a lovely idea! I bet your neighbors were happily surprised!

    Have a beautiful day!

  4. I so love the idea of hanging the baskets on the neighbor's doors!!! So cute!!! I have never heard of this tradition!!!

    Thanks for linking up!!!

  5. Oh this is an awesome idea, can't wait to use it next year!!!!

  6. I love the concentration on your sons' faces. So much more in the bags than just flowers.


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