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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

This Beautiful Moment (All Creatures Great & Small) & Snapshot Summary May 10-16 {week 33}

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.
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Monday: Very chilly today. Steven started a fire in the woodstove to take the chill off. We finished up their Roman history pockets and reading about the end of the Roman Empire. Alex worked on preposition phrases in his language arts every day this week. He also wrote a paragraph about airplanes. Katie helped Quentin make Monkey Muffins while I made homemade tomato sauce and meatballs. Sam learned about The Development of Our Number System in Algebra and took a test on the characters in The Lord of the Rings, Book One. He also learned two new Latin phrases, id est (i.e. that is) and exempli gratia (e.g. for the sake of example) and the Greek word for "a slave or servant." James has been working on multiplication all week. Every day Katie and Alex worked a little in their garden. Can you tell he loves it?
Tuesday: Quentin finished up the last of his Math Storyboards. This one was a pizza and he was to put on toppings by 2's and 3's on each slice and then count them and then the totals. This is just beginning multiplication in a visual medium. He also practiced handwriting and painted a picture. James was pleasantly surprised to find when he went on his Explode the Code Online program (reading) that he is earning fun games to play on the computer if he does well in with his reading lessons. Sam was kind enough to sit with him and read the instructions for him on the games because they were too much for James at this point. It was a game that involved constructing a bicycle. Sam worked on Fraction Forms and Decimal Forms, and took a test on literary terms. He also learned the Latin words for ante and post meridiem (before and after the middle or AM and PM), and the Greek word for "a word."We looked at the statue of Emperor Marcus Aurelius and talked about sculpture in 2nd Century Rome. We made Cut-Paper Collages of fish.
Wednesday: Sam worked on Changing Fraction Forms to Decimal Forms and took a test on comprehension in The Lord of the Rings, Book One. He also learned the Latin direct object plural form of nouns like nauta (sailor) and the Greek word for "I write." We spent much of the afternoon preparing for a Roman Feast to what we thought was a conclusion of our study of the Roman Empire but we may do a bit more on the Romans because they are still interested in this. Steven helped the little boys make play Roman shields and I took pictures of them dressed up to include in their portfolios with a frame of a triumphal arch.
Thursday: No playing at the park with friends today (like usual on Thursdays) as everybody seems to be going somewhere else today. It was overcast and chilly anyway, so it wouldn't have been a great day to be at the park where it is so windy. Sam worked on Changing Decimal Forms to Fraction Forms and took a test on Tolkien as an author. He learned two new Latin words, stella (star) and luna, (moon) and the Greek word for "a son."
Friday: While we had a fire in the fireplace on Monday, today was so hot we had the air conditioner on, as it was up into the 80's. Sam worked on Percents in math and took a test on Exploring Language in The Lord of the Rings. the forms for the Latin word specto, which means "to watch" and the Greek word for "I teach." Quentin worked with Sequence cards and when he was finished with them James picked them up and used them by mixing and matching them and creating stories with them. Quentin and James also worked on handwriting; Quentin's included watercoloring painting. Alex put the pages of his Astronomy lapbook together by gluing down the little booklets his has been working on. He works well with structured activities such as lapbooks. He is still working on prepositional phrases and will probably be here awhile. This is where he got stuck years ago with ABA, and so is clearly a weak spot. James worked on the correlation between multiplication and division. We completed a science experiment on potential and kinetic energy in toy cars, which lead to playing with the ramp and cars for quite a long while. Katie helped the boys make an outdoor fort to play in, but it had to be taken down when a sudden thunderstorm came up.

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  1. wow!! great job! you guys have been busy!! :)

    I love Alex's big smile in the garden!! SO awesome. Love the collage too!

    thanks for linking Phyllis!

    You're awesome.

    amy in peru


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