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Finger Puppets and Storytelling

Katie entertained us all by making origami finger puppets... and scenery... and putting on a show.
Then she taught Quentin the basics of puppetry...

including how to change voices for the different characters.

She taught him how to get animated with the story and how to use props.

Quentin timidly tried is hand at it. He gained more confidence as he got into the story.Some of his stories were narrations of stories and fables that have been read to him.
Others were of his own creation. As he got more and more into the stories and became less shy, he used more and more characters.

Then told a water world story.

cat finger puppet

You can make your own puppets and stories. Katie made two types of puppets. For the flap puppets, like the sheep, dragon, cat or dog, use a piece of paper about 6-8 inches square. Origami paper is the easiest to work with, but you can try other types of paper like wrapping paper. Fold the left side to the right and crease. Unfold. Fold the two sides toward the center crease. Fold it in half by folding the right side over to meet the left side. Bring the top edge down to the bottom. You have made tow flaps of several layers each. Fold the front flap up halfway. Turn it over and repeat this step on the other flap. If you put your index finger inside the pocket of the top flap and your thumb in the bottom, your puppet is ready to speak. Now make your face and add whatever else you want to make your puppet come alive.
lion finger puppet

To make the round, over-the-finger puppets like the lion, giraffe, whale or penguin, take a 5-6 inch square of paper. These are a little harder to make. Lay the paper down in a diamond shape (points up and down and left, right.) Fol d your paper in half, bringing the left point to meet the right. Now unfold. Fold the left and right points to the center crease, so that your paper looks like a kite. Turn the paper so that the wider end is toward you. Turn the paper over and fold the left and right bottom edges to the center line. Now fold in half by bringing the bottom point to meet the top using a valley fold. Fold down the front flap so it touches the bottom edge. Flip the whole thing over and grasp the lower right and left corners, then curve them around so it is in the shape of a tube. Secure by sliding the right bottom point between the two layers in the other side and tape. Fold the top point down and secure with tape. Turn it over and draw on your face and add whatever you wish.
Happy storytelling.


  1. These pictures are so descriptive. I love the way he gained confidence as he got into the story. Great post.

  2. I love those puppets, how cool are they?

  3. Hope James feels better soon.
    The puppet show looks like such fun : )
    We received your post card & have it hanging by the computer - Thanks!

  4. Donna,
    He feels better already...must have been a 24 hour bug. Yes, James and Quentin have been having fun together today with the puppets. We received your postcards as well. The boys love them. Thanks so much for them.


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