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Association Method: Round-up Stories and Descriptive Stories

We have been working with Alex on the structure of preposition sentences (in, on and under) and although he seems to answer the questions for the most part correctly, he doesn't seem to have mastered the concepts. These prepositional concepts seem to be very difficult for autistic children to master. For this reason, we are going to continue practice in these concepts by activities such as "having miniature objects, making specific arrangements of them, and asking..." him prepositional questions. He, in turn, can make arrangements and ask prepositional questions. "Such placement concepts as between, behind, in front of, and around may be taught in the same manner as the more basic concepts of placement... it may be necessary for these concepts to be taught as part of the content in a story." -quotes are from Teaching Language-Deficient Children by N. DuBard and M. Martin

Descriptive Stories should include:
1. Familiarize names of rooms in homes
2. Familiarize with terms such as "another", "the other"
3. ordinal numbers
4. increasing number of sentences, using longer sentences
5. compound subjects and compound predicates
6. increase use of modifiers
7. write descriptive stories of their own
8. apply previous vocabulary and concepts

Examples and more about this here.

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