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123...I Can Collage!...Fish Cut Paper Collage

To make a cut-paper fish collage,
first draw a large jellybean shape onto your background paper.
This will be your fish's body. Next cut out two large triangles and two small triangles from different colored paper.
Glue the large ones down for the fish's head and tail and the small ones for the fish's fins.

Now you have to decide how you want to make the fish's scales. You can make them with...

a dot marker...

(Quentin's, 5 years old)

or circles cut our of paper glued to overlap...

(Sam's, 12 years old)
or you can use sticker circles...

(James', 9 years old)
or a combination.
Don't forget eyes and any other details you want.
We made ours out of googly eyes and cut paper.

Want to see other collage techniques?


  1. This looks like fun : )
    I can imagine my children would enjoy this!

  2. Dear Phyllis,

    Our internet has been down since around 11:30 yesteday. It just went back up. I was halfway through notifying bloggers about the award when it went out. I am so sorry I did not get to tell you first hand. Have a blessed day.

    I really love the collages. They look fantastic!!! I don't know if kindergarten can handle it but I would love to try and see what they come up with. I especially like the combination that James did.

  3. Quentin is a Kindergartener, so I would think they could do it. I do realize that it would be a lot harder for a whole class of them than just one, however! I don't know how you do it!

  4. I love the way they turned out. What an easy way to make great art.

  5. Those are neat! I came from Ramblings of a crazy woman link up.

  6. What a great craft and so effective... I cant wait for my kids to have a go at this..


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