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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

123... I Can Collage!...Torn Paper Collage

First paint your background.
Your brushstrokes can be a wavy ocean.
You will need to let this dry before you do any more.

Once your background is dry, tear a large circle out of tissue paper and glue it to your background with glue diluted with a little water. A paintbrush is the best way to apply the glue.
Now, tear long thin strips for the octopus' arms. Glue them around his body.

Octopus have eight arms, so make sure you count eight strips of paper.
You can tuck the edges of the arms under the body.

You can decorate your octopus in any way you like. You can tear off bits of tissue paper of a different color and glue them down for spots. You can use a marker or pencil to draw in suckers or facial features.

Or, you can just leave it like it is.
Doesn't it look like Eric Carle's art?


  1. I really like this project. I'll have to share it with my little art girl!

  2. That's a fun ocean craft. It does look a little like Carle's art.

  3. That is precious!

  4. That really does look like something from Eric Carle!!! Great project idea!!!

    Thanks for linking up!


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