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Home School Life Journal ........... painting by Katie Bergenholtz
"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Snapshot Summary: April 5-11 {week 28}

We did some table schoolwork...
some science experiments...
and played with toys from Easter.

We played math games with jellybeans, and with pretzel sticks and mini pepperoni bites.
While Katie and James made Butter Pecan cookies, Sam explored Lord of the Rings, Greek and Pre-Algebra.
We experimented with earthworms, and appreciated violets.
The younger kids played hopscotch in the twilight and then Square Dancing for the older kids.
Riding bikes, nature walks, pets, and collections.
Book work, painting and games.
A trip to the nursery for garden supplies.
 Katie took the rabbit for a walk, while the boys raced around, playing -some sort of Medieval vs. the future game.
James noticed a bee which sat cooperatively on a towel while we examined it.
Inside, we made a terrarium. Quentin and James filled eggs with candy for an egg hunt at the park with friends.
Beans went on to soak early this morning and then Quentin wanted to make Watermelon Jello,and then the dough for Molassas Oat bread was begun. Science experiments were completed, postcards were addressed, written and signed. We found the places that the post cards we have recieved originated from. The bread dough was kneaded and then left to rise, a second layer of jello, orange this time, was made by James. Since the first three days we have explored the front yard and our street, I thought we would spend this day in our back yard. I had noticed through my kitchen window that the lilacs were in bloom and started gathering some for the dining room table. That drew the boys' interest. James told me that he had noticed that the apple tree was in bloom, so we investigated that along with the sassafrass. Bread dough was put in pans to rise again. There is a small indentation in our backyard that fills with water when it rains (we had a rather sudden storm last night) and make mud...isn't mud glorious to little boys? Add some trucks and what more could one need? Now, bread and beans are done and ready to be serve.
At lunch Quentin suggested that we talk a leaf walk around the neighborhood now that all the trees are getting their leaves back. No neighborhood walk is complete without a little time spent at the beach. A few things other than leaves, such as pine cones, were collected as well. When we came back, we spread out all the leaves and went about identifying them. Another post card was added to our collection. Quentin helped make dinner -Crispy Baked Breakfast Taquitos with Lime-Chipotle Dip.

We went to my mother's house. The boys ran all around in the open space. I sought out memories from my childhood...
my father's workboat,
my favorite climbing tree as a child, (It is so old that most of the branches that I climbed on are gone, leaving just knobs in their place.)
Zhu-zhu pet she gave to them amused the boys, while Katie used the pastels Grandma gave her.
Then three generations said goodbye.
On the way home, when we crossed the Bay Bridge, a Carnival Cruise ship was just passing under.

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