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Making Flower Leis or Crowns

Now that it is spring and the blossoms are out, and some of the blossoms are dropping on the ground, it is just the time for this special outdoor project.
Gather flower blossoms. We gathered the purple blossoms of the Paulownia Tree (or Foxglove Tree) which had fallen to the ground. Take some thread or thin string (depending on the size of your flowers), double thread it on your needle. We used a plastic canvas needle because it is plastic and will not hurt but is adequate enough to get through blossoms. Tie a knot a few inches from where you want the end of the string to be. This will give you some room to tie the ends together when finished. Thread the blossoms onto the string by pushing the needle up through the bottom center of each blossom. Slide the blossom gently down to the knotted end. Continue this way until an inch or so is left. Cut the needle off and tie the ends together.
Now you can be crowned King or Queen Spring.

Make it a bit longer for a leis...but perhaps not this long!

You can also leave this as a gift for someone special.

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  1. Just lovely, a great activity, cheers Marie


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