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Hop, Skip and Jump: Hopscotch

Remember the old games that kids used to play; the ones that only involved using things you had around the house?
Thousands of years ago, Roman soldiers played hopscotch to test their strength and speed, sometimes hopping over 100 feet carrying heavy weights.
With just chalk and a stone you can play hopscotch. The earliest version doesn't even need a stone. When they are very little you can just scratch out a long line and then a long serpentine pattern over it. In each half circle chalk in the numbers 1-9 and children practiced their numbers while just hopping from one number to the next. If one can't remember the numeral, then it is the next person's turn.
When a little older, they can play the more traditional hopscotch with some of the numerals in blocks by themselves and others in pairs of blocks. On the first time around they throw their stone on the number one square and, skipping that numeral, they hop on the single blocks, and land with one foot in each of the double squares. If they are able to complete this, they get to pick up their stone and move it to the the block with the numeral two in it. If they do it incorrectly, they have to finish their turn and do the next turn with the stone in the same square. The game progresses like this until they finish all the numerals.
As kids get older, you can be more strict with how perfectly they complete the circuit; whether they step on a line or out of the boxes. Also, you can have them come back down the hopscotch pattern to their stone and pick it up and keep going until they make a mistake, at which point it is the next person's turn.
Sometimes people make a snail pattern; a circle curling in on itself. This pattern usually has more boxes, but they are all single, hopping boxes, instead of the more traditional pattern. In this game, your stone square can be your rest space.
Educational games with hopscotch can be found here.

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  1. Yeah! I love all the variations you mentioned. Sometimes I feel I complicate our learning when it can just be so simple.


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