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Saint Francis DeSales

Summer Bucket List: Dandelion Chains

First, gather Dandelions. Make sure your stems are nice and long.
Use your fingernail to make about a 1/4 inch slit in the stem.

Slip the next Dandelion through the slit, stem end first.
Pull the stem through the slit until it gets stopped by the blossom.

Continue making slits and attaching Dandelions until the chain is the length you want.

If you can, braid them together to make a tight chain.

If you want to make a crown, attach the last stem to the beginning of the chain.

If you don't want to make a crown, you can use them to decorate your garden fence.
They also make great decorations for sandcastles, or sand cakes.

originally posted Apr 20, 2010


  1. beautiful! I love this idea and the pictures are gorgeous. Makes me smile!

  2. I used to do this as a kid too! I love dandelions. Baaa to weed killers!

  3. FUN! Reminds me of my childhood.
    I love your blog header photo of your son (I assume). There is something really intriguing and appealing about that photo.


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