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Association Method for Teaching Language-Deficient Children: Prepositions In, On and Under

"Where is the ____________?"
"The ________ is _______."
Alex has been able to write Personal Description Stories for the people in the Guess Who? game for some time now, and we will keep doing this while we start this new step. "The primary purpose of this phase of the program is to teach the concepts and appropriate language for the placements in, on and under..." Besides teaching the new vocabulary, we will be expanding sentences to include more modifiers and increasing the length of sentences. We will be using the pictures cards from previous lessons to introduce the concepts, but using them in unusual arrangements. "A unique approach can be valuable in focusing attention on concepts which are obvious to the average individual but which may be less than obvious to the language disordered child. In addition, these pictures add a welcome bit of humor to the whole teaching/learning process."
(Quotes are from the book, Teaching Language-Deficient Children; Theory and Application of the Association Method for Multisensory Teaching by N. Etoile DuBard and Maureen K. Martin.)

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