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The Experience of Creating Candleholders for Candlemas

I was inspired to have my little ones create by this wonderful lantern tutorial...so I laid out watercolors, brushes, cups of water and paper...and encouraged them to blend colors and fill their paper however they wished.

When their paintings were dry, I helped them take a paper towel, dip it in cooking oil and rub the oil on their paintings. The oil makes the paper translucent.
We left these overnight to dry, and wiped off any excess in the morning.
Then I helped them make a fringe of 2 inch by 1 inch cuts on one long side of the paper.
A second set of holes and another brad held the two ends of the paper together to form the tube at the top.Little hands had difficulty in gathering and gluing these fringes to make a cylinder, so I had them punch holes in the middle of the end of each fringe and then they could gather them on a brad. The brad also substituted for the glue and held it lantern together.

They could easily slide a small Mason canning jar inside the cylinder
and inside a tea light was placed. Once lit, they give a heavenly, radiant glow.

This post was originally posted on Candlemas 2010.


  1. Really nice project, thanks so much for sharing it on Craft Schooling Sunday, and for being the first one on the list! Hope to see you again next week! (In any case do check back because your project may be featured.) All the best, Sara

  2. This looks like a fun project. Alot of evenings, like tonight, it would be fun to have a little project, then finish it the next day. I think we might do this tonight!

  3. This is fun and creative


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