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Electromagnets and Motors (Making an Electromagnet)

If you take a nail and wrap a wire around it many times (at least 25),
and then attach the ends of the wire to a battery (you will need a 6 volt), the nail will turn into a magnet...an electromagnet to be precise. This is such a simple and yet very fun science exploration to do.
For more fun with electromagnets, click here.

You can demonstrate how a one magnet can turn another and this motion can turn a motor. Inside a motor the magnets turn like this many times a second.

More about electricity and magnetism at Layers of Learning.


  1. Nice!!
    I bought some copper wire a while back for turning magnets into motors - haven't yet, a little... uh... leery - not about the experiment, but about my competence!!

  2. I don't think I could turn a magnet into a motor either! I leave all the electricity work to Steven. I even stop watches, so I think none of the experiments would turn out if I did them!

  3. Fun! We did this as well! :) My kids just loved it.

  4. I read your post which was really good waiting for next post


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