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Bas-Relief Art Tutorial

Our picture study this week was of an Assyrian bas-relief of a royal lion hunt.
Then we went about creating a simulation of bas-relief ourselves.
First, roll a good sized piece of clay out until it is approximately 1/2 inch thick.

Take a pencil, tooth pick or something similar and sketch out the idea for your picture. We used the handle end of a paintbrush. If you make a mistake and want to start over, you can just roll it out again and the clay will be clean of marks again.

Once you have sketched out a picture you like, use your fingers to press the clay that is NOT your picture down so that it is lower than your picture. Your design will then be higher than the rest of the clay.

You may need to use something smaller than your fingers to catch the small detailed places of your sketch. We had sculpting tools, but chopsticks work very nicely, if you have them on hand. Experiment and see what works to press down the clay, leaving your design in raised relief.

This is Quentin's (age 5) bas-relief of a lion hunt.

Here is Alex's (age15 and autistic) lion.

  • Artistic Pursuits, Book One, Lesson 23: Art on City Walls, by Brenda Ellis

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